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Using Staging to Sell Your Home

Experience shows that the activity level during the first two weeks a home is on the market tends to predict how long it will take to sell. Potential buyers eagerly jump on new homes on the market.

Here are some ‘staging’ tips I thought you might find helpful:

  • Always keep your home in ‘show shape’. Make sure that beds are made, dishes done, everything is picked up, and that the kitchen and bathrooms sparkle.
  • Fresh flowers are a nice touch. Many home sellers use potted flowers that last much longer than cut flowers. Place them inside and out. They really add cheer!
  • The house should be well lit; replace all burned out bulbs. Open curtains and drapes. Let the natural light in.
  • Pets should be confined and out of sight when possible. They can be distracting and many people have allergies.
  • Soft background music creates a relaxed atmosphere.

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